Rasheeda is still “separated” from her no good husband Kirk. We catch up with her and Karlie in the gym with a trainer who would look like he consumes roids like Skittles. While on a break from their workout Rasheeda tells Karlie about her situation but withholds some information because she knows Karlie is the mouth of the south.Rasheeda brings up the fact that she needs some work around the shop done and Karlie suggests that Rasheeda should give their muscle head trainer a try and of course Rasheeda isn’t for it.

If you have been watching Love and Hip Hop Atlanta for years you know Karlie doesn’t listen. She tells the trainer to stop by Rasheeda’s store to assist her. Rasheeda’s mom is all for it but and definitely hopes like the rest of #LHHATL Twitter that Rasheeda eventually kicks Kirk to the curb.

Kirk’s daughter Kelsie is not feeling what she is witnessing going on in the shop and wants her stepmom to get back with her father. Rasheeda shouldn’t have to but explains to her stepdaughter why she’s not getting back with her dad.

Kelsie even took the initiative to warn her pops about the competition. Looks like the apple definitely didn’t fall far from the tree with Kirk’s kids they seem to be just ridiculous as him.

Sheeda do you boo.


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