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J. Cole isn’t the type of artist who parks his rear on Twitter all day, but he opened up a bit with fans by hosting a rather revealing Q&A session. While he was candid and approachable as expected, it came out during the session that he’s working on a new album titled The Fall Off and is working on other side projects as well.

In the midst of artists coming back to Twitter and either angering fans or riling up a base that couldn’t care less about Hip-Hop (you don’t have to guess about what we’re speaking about here), J. Cole was self-aware to know that the tweeting spree he went on might be a little much.

“Y’all let me know when I’m doin too much. This social media sh*t is a drug for real, and this is a binge for me. You had a traumatic week already I don’t wanna f*ck your timeline up no worse than it is,” Cole wrote at some point during the session, perhaps referencing Kanye West‘s recent tweet storms.

However, the moment was largely positive with Cole saying he’s working with his “homie” kiLL edward on a new project, and mentioning that it took him two weeks to finish KOD in its first form but six months to perfect it to what was released on April 20.

Cole also added that a deluxe version of the album will be released soon. In regards to The Fall Off, Cole gave fans an epic clue that it would be the title of his next record as the closing track from KOD, “1985,” has “Intro To The Fall Off” in parentheses.

Check out some of J. Cole’s session below and on the following pages.

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