Karlie opted to avoid any drama at the gender reveal but somehow still managed to get in some. Karlie is on a bowling date with her boyfriend Sean which turns out to be double-date. Karlie invites Spice and her new thing, but she is shocked to find out that Spice is talking to Tokyo’s ex, Tabius.

You know Karlie couldn’t keep the tea to herself and feels she needs to tell Spice precisely who Tabius used to deal with. Tabius explains to the group that he and Tokyo are done, and Karlie adds she is no longer friends with her as well. Sean, of course, isn’t here for the mess especially after Karlie starts talking about his home Brasco, grabs his trash bag vest and decides he has to go since he warned Karlie about her messy behavior.

Not only did he leave Spice and Tabius but he also left his shoes in the process, so that tells you just how over Karlie he was.

Another relationship bites the dust for Karlie.


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