Rasheeda is excited about opening another Pressed location in her hometown of Houston.  She decides to invite all of her friends (everyone else she didn’t invite will invite themselves) on her dime (most likely VH1’s) to Houston to be there for the grand opening. Rasheeda even plans on inviting some of the guys to join them and take them all to a dude ranch.


Spice is still feeling some sort of way after Tommie showed up late to their music video shoot.  Spice says she is down to go as long as Rasheeda doesn’t invite Tommie’s pig. The slight jab doesn’t sit well with Tommie who is already super saucy after she threw back a few drinks.

Tommie calls out Spice for making a mockery of her and for dissing her pig. Tommie’s slurred insults shift towards someone on the Love & Hip Hop production team and this where things get crazy.


Tommie’s behavior is so out of control she was escorted out of the scene. Things are so out of hand that Love & Hip Hop stop filming and instead put of text and audio from the situation. We learn Tommie eventually makes her way back inside to confront Spice before being removed again. Twitter is worried about her, this scene was a lot worse than the other times Tommie was drunk and lashed out.

We just hope Tommie gets some help, alcoholism is a serious problem.


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