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Kim Kardashian & Donald Trump

Source: Twitter/@realdonaldtrump / Twitter/@realdonaldtrump

Yesterday Donald Trump once again proved that he’s not running a country so much as he’s producing a reality show as he welcomed Kim Kardashian to the set on the latest episode to “Trump’s Amerikkka.”

As he stated in his caption, Kim made her way over to the White House to meet with the Divider-In-Chief to speak on prison reform and try to convince him to pardon Alice Marie Johnson who’s currently serving a life sentence after being convicted for a non-violent drug-related crime in 1996.

Why exactly Kim Kardashian decided to champion Ms. Johnson’s cause is anyone’s guess but she must’ve done something right because today (May 31) Donald Trump announced he will pardon, wait for it, Dinesh D’Souza. The conservative commentator was sentenced to five years probation in 2014 for violating campaign finance laws. You know, that thing that Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen is under fire for. Big surprise.

But that’s not all, Trump’s also announced he’s considering pardons for Martha Stewart and Rod Blagojavech. Nice try, Kim.

Either way the “president” got his much beloved photo op with another celebrity in the Oval Office and Kim Kardashian got to show that she actually does care about Black people who aren’t famous. We wonder what was said about Kanye “MAGA” West by the way.

Apparently the two talked about prison reform and sentencing but given Trump’s track record of agreeing with the last person in the room, he more than likely nodded his head at whatever Kim said, called it “terrible” and gave her his word that change will be made. Enter Jeff “Jim Crow” Sessions into the equation minus the Kardashian and what you’ll get is little to no movement on that front.

The internet was not impressed with the meeting between the two attention whores and expressed as much on social media with all kinds of jokes, slander and astonishment as just how far down the hole the highest office in the world has fallen.

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