Rasheeda once again tries to calm things down and sets up intervention.

Spice and Tokyo sit down with each other in hopes to talk about their problems like adults. Things start off calm between the two as they make it entirely clear neither have any real issues with each other. It almost goes left again when Tokyo casually refers to Spice as a bitch, and that doesn’t sit too well with her. Eventually, the two agree to let bygones be bygones for sake of peace on the remainder of the trip.

After Spice and Tokyo’s therapy session, the group gathers together again for what Rasheeda hopes is another peaceful group moment. Things go left once again but this time it’s Estelita and Sierra who bring the drama when the two try and get on the same page. The episode ends on that note leaving us hanging until next week but it doesn’t look like things won’t get physical. Or so we think.

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