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As you may be aware the Trump administration has taken steps to make Amerikkka a “Caucasian paradise” by ripping immigrant families apart at the border and sending children to prison camps in an effort to deter future immigrants from thinking of making that trek across the border.

The outrage at this disgusting Trump policy has been loud and brutal but while a lot of celebrities have been mum on the topic, A Wrinkle in Time director Ava DuVernay has taken to Twitter to give her take on the controversial topic.

In an effort to protest this latest racially charged Trump administration practice, DuVernay posted a childhood picture of herself and imagined what life would be like had she been an immigrant child whose parents tried to bring her to the US for a better life.

“I look at myself as a girl and imagine having to travel unsafely in a quest for safety. Be forcibly separated from my mother. Caged with people I don’t know and who don’t know me. Alone in a world I don’t understand. Imagine this for the child you were. We cannot allow this.”

Already others are following her example and posting their own childhood pictures while vowing to do what they can to resist Donald Trump’s latest attempt to once again normalize racism.

At the end of the day people with a heart and actual patriotism in it need to go out and vote against Trump and his Nazi themed administration come November if they want the America they were born and raised in back on the right path.