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Apple Holds Press Event To Introduce New iPhone

Source: Stephen Lam / Getty

Those rumors of Apple getting into the high-end headphone market and launching its own over-ear products minus the Beats logo were indeed correct.

Apple Inc is planning to unveil higher-end versions of their popular AirPods, a new HomePod, and studio quality over-ear headphones as soon as next year. Sources inside the company have confirmed that Apple is looking to release AirPods with water resistance and noise cancellation as well as an increased range when working away from your iPad or iPhone.

Now when they say water resistant they only mean from rain and sweat, so don’t try to go swimming or take a shower while using your AirPods. The first iteration of Apple’s fashionable accessory is already very pricey at $159, so we can safely assume the high-end version will cost you some change. A new wireless charging case that is compatible with Apple’s upcoming  AirPower charging mat is also in the works. According to Bloomberg Apple is also hoping to add biometric sensors to the AirPods to allow heart-rate monitoring and expand on health-related tracking beyond what is already offered by the Apple Watch.

As far the over-ear headphones are concerned, Apple looking to compete with Bose and Sennheiser pricey top of the line models. As stated earlier the headphones will feature Apple branding and be a high-end alternative to their current Beats models. They were slated to be introduced by the end of 2018 but due to some development challenges, they are targeting early 2019.

It’s very safe to assume whenever Apple unveils these new accessories they will spark some interest and once they hit shelves sell like hot cakes. To quote the iconic duo, Desus & Mero, the Apple brand continues to be very strong.

Photo: Stephen Lam / Getty