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Tiffany Haddish is still riding the wave of her fame that carried over from her scene-stealing Girls Trip performance, but she’s now facing a legal issue that could put a slight dent in her momentum. Haddish’s ex-husband is hitting back at claims she made in her memoir that he was abusive towards the actress, even adding that Haddish enjoyed being choked during sex.

The Blast reports:

Stewart sued Haddish and Simon & Schuster, the book’s publisher, for defamation, libel, and slander and is seeking in excess of $1 million in damages. Haddish has denied his claims.

According to newly-released court documents obtained by The Blast, Stewart’s lawyers sent several letters to Haddish and S&S in an effort to reach a settlement prior to filing his lawsuit.

Stewart claims he reached out to Haddish personally, before making any public statements in an effort to resolve the “harmful and defamatory assertions.” He claims Haddish responded cryptically, saying, “Be patient your blessings are coming” and “Start to think positive so positive things can come your way. Because your blessings are waiting on you.”

Haddish claims she had a TRO against Stewart during their marriage, but he alleges the TRO was dropped after “Ms. Haddish recanted the allegations in the TRO and pled with law enforcement to dismiss the TRO because it was untrue. In fact, she confessed to attacking Mr. Stewart.”

Stewart’s attorneys went on to add that Haddish often joked in her standup that her husband was never abusive and used the choking part as a punchline. They went on to offer that their side has proof Haddish would ask to be choked during intercourse.

The case is still under development and Haddish has yet to respond to these latest claims.

Photo: WENN