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Color Me Badd landed back in the minds of many after singer Bryan Abrams shoved his bandmate Mark Calderon onstage during a concert. Calderon has since come forth about the incident and says that Abrams’ drinking habit has spilled over to mar their professional relationship.

The Blast reports:

Calderon says Abrams was already heavily intoxicated backstage before the show even started, and noticed that during the first song, “All For Love,” that he was missing words and slurred through most of the song.

He says when the second song started, Abrams had left the stage and did not return for the rest of the concert, leaving Calderon to be a professional and perform the show by himself.

We’re told that when Abrams came back onstage and shoved Calderon to the ground, he allegedly screamed, “I’m motherf*cking Color Me Badd!”

The exact trigger for the shove is unclear to Calderon, but he’s chalking it up to the singer’s alcohol abuse.

Calderon doesn’t seem to have any real animosity towards Abrams and even suggested that his bandmate should check into an alcohol abuse treatment program.

Photo: WENN