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While Republicans continue to hide their heads in the sand and allow Donald Trump to run roughshod over the Constitution and reality in general, Rep. Auntie Maxine Waters (D-CA) continues to call out Vladimir Putin’s puppet on his lies, hypocrisy and racism.

This time around the never scared congresswoman teed off on the laziest president in American history during an interview on MSNBC after she was asked about Trump’s threat to shut down the government if he doesn’t get funding for his border wall. You know, that same border wall he promised Mexico was going to pay for and is now threatening to hold Americans hostage if we don’t pony up for it.

“You know, this president is a bully and he will try to intimidate all of us. He is not going to shut down anything. As a matter of fact, people will remember that he said he was going to build this wall and he was going to make Mexico pay for the wall. They said they weren’t going to pay for anything. Now he wants the American citizens to pay for this wall. American citizens are not going to pay for this wall. He’s not going to shut down the government and we’re not going to be intimidated by his bluffing and his bullying.”

And she was just getting started. Touching on things like Trump’s racially driven border practice of breaking up immigrant families to Trump Jr.’s treasonous meeting with the Russians, Mrs. Waters didn’t mince words when she said “This president is wreaking havoc on this country. And so while there is some improvement in the economy, we have all of this other mess that we have to take a look at and what is, you know, in the forefront of what is being talked about in the media.”

Check out the full interview below and listen to Queen Maxine’s brutal takedown on Trump and everything from the Cohen tapes to his affiliation with Vladimir Putin.