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NES Classic

Source: Nintendo / Nintendo

The month of June was very good to the company that gave us the goomba stomping plumber. Nintendo earned top-selling games publisher for the month thanks to Mario Tennis Aces. On top of that, its retro console the NES Classic outsold both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Nintendo first resurrected the system back in 2016 to much fanfare, and it flew off shelves almost immediately. The company initially had plans of killing off the console and moved onto the SNES Classic. They then decided that they were sitting on a gold mine and brought back the retro console near the end of June. NPD tracking period began at 6/3 and ended at 7/7.  Nintendo only needed a week to accomplish the goal it hasn’t achieved since 1995. Which also happened to be the same year it discontinued the original NES console.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 technically won the month regarding dollar sales due to the console costing $300 and the NES Classic retailing at $60. Nintendo still managed to push out more consoles volume wise though easily, so it makes you wonder why the company wanted to stop making them in the first place. With Nintendo pretty much owning the retro gaming market, we wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo decides to keep on making both the NES Classic and SNES Classic.

Other companies have taken notice as well with Sega dropping a Mega Drive Mini and classic video game company Atari trying to make a comeback with the VCS. Do you think this is just a phase? Or do you think this wave will continue for Nintendo? As of now, all signs point to Nintendo continuing to flourish thanks to their classic systems.

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Photo: Nintendo