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Spike Lee attends the German premiere of 'BlacKkKlansman'

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Critics and fans agree that BlacKkKlansman is Spike Lee’s best film in decades (Redhook Summer was a huge disappointment). But recently, the Brooklyn director has come under fire for changing the original storyline of the book, Black Klansman: Race, Hate, and The Undercover Investigation of a Lifetime, and painting police in a positive light.

After the film was released, Sorry To Bother You director Boots Riley took to Twitter to air out his issues with Spike Lee’s portrayal of police as anti-racist brothers in arms and called the movie an “ad campaign” for law enforcement. Damn!

Though Lee’s been quiet about the criticism of his Hollywood peer, in an interview with The Times, the Do The Right Thing director defended his work and stood by the end result.

“Look at my films: They’ve been very critical of the police, but on the other hand I’m never going to say all police are corrupt, that all police hate people of color. I’m not going to say that.”

Continuing to argue against police hate, Lee explained “I mean, we need police. Unfortunately, police in a lot of instances have not upheld the law; they have broken the law. But I’d also like to say, sir, that black people are not a monolithic group. I have had black people say, ‘How can a bourgeois person like Spike Lee do Malcolm X?’ ”

Spike’s not wrong and while everyone takes liberties with “true stories” made into big budget Hollywood movies, at the end of the day people will see things however they want to see them. Doesn’t make them wrong for feeling a certain way about something.

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