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Tashera Simmons speaks on her split with rapper DMX and her new book coming out.

The separated but not divorced wife of rapper DMX recently sat down with Superstar Radio to explain the split as well as what future projects we should be seeing very soon.

“Since the separation I’ve created an organization that helps women who have been abandoned or abused and its just reaching out and trying to help other women, because I was abandoned as a child. I created the foundation because it built a lot of strength in me.”

Tashera also speaks about upcoming show

” It’s called Life After X, and I’m shopping it now and it’s looking good.  I’m trying to get it on the right network though, because it’s a real show.  I’m not going to throw any names out there, but some networks aren’t fit for it.”

Mrs. Simmons also speaks on her upcoming book and lets people know where you can hear about her latest projects.

Peep the full interview below to see how the separated wife and mother is not letting the split bring her down.