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Power, Season 5, Episode 10 When This Is Over

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Everything we watched has come to this. SPOILERS and heartbreak await you below on the season 5 finale recap of Power.

Trust is a premium commodity in the world of James St. Patrick and his cohorts. The bonds formed throughout the last five years are fortified in blood, honor and duty. Above all else, the characters on this show value self-perseverance over everything, and they’ll do whatever it takes to achieve their goal. Personal relationships do not preclude any of them from eliminating friends and foes by any means necessary. Tommy, Ghost, Tasha, and Angela utilized a variety of conniving schemes at the expense of the ones they love. So why would any of them bet on the other to cherish the needs of the many over themselves. This question have hovered over this season in the background, festering like a mortal wound. With Angela on the hot seat with RICO charges flying at her head at a rapid pace, she convenes the four pillars of the series in one room for the first time ever (as noted by show runner and Executive Producer Courtney Kemp) to decide how they eliminate their issues as a team. No one trusts anyone fully, but their freedom hinges on a willingness to have faith in the plan.

Angela devises a plan to clear her name and exonerate Ghost, Tommy and Tasha. Angela would convince Dre to frame Alicia Jimenez for the Lobos and Sandoval murders. Tasha would speak with Keisha to ensure she won’t snitch. Ghost would control Proctor so he stays in line also. All four conspirators would have to remain strong and unbreakable because if they stayed silent, the DA’s office wouldn’t have a case. Meanwhile, Mak and Saxe would press everyone associated with Ghost in order to get concrete evidence to arrest, and they now had the help of Terry Silver who wants to protect Tasha and take Ghost down.

The tragic flaw in the characters season lies in their hubris. They underestimate the people they want to manipulate and overestimate the strength of loyalty between each other.


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