Power, Season 5, Episode 10 When This Is Over

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Keisha is fed up with Tasha’s fake friendship. Tasha continues to press her about her unyielding loyalty with no regard for Keisha’s own struggles. Keisha begins to recognize Tasha’s compartmentalization of their relationship as one of necessity and not based on friendship. She plans to keep her mouth shut, but won’t have anything to do with Tasha anymore.

Proctor isn’t interested in snitching, but still holds his client Ghost’s freedom of utmost importance. Snitching isn’t his issue, it’s mitigating any dangers associated with his and Ghost’s name. The feds are working with Terry Silver and the only path Proctor sees is flipping on Tommy. Get immunity and implicate Tommy with Teresi in the murders to save himself. Later, Proctor tells Ghost that a woman gave a statement against him. The woman is Maria Suarez, but Proctor guesses incorrectly that it’s Angela, the woman who all along Proctor didn’t trust and begged Ghost to part ties with her. Ghost now has to contend with feelings of betrayal and disbelief. He wants to resolve this issue ASAP.

Dre agrees to implicate Alicia Jimenez in the Lobos/Sandoval murders, but has plans of his own. After the Jimenez unsuccessfully attempted to kill him, he craves protection and total elimination of his enemies. He tells 2-bit that he plans on implicating Ghost and Tommy instead, then he’ll flee towards Witness Protection with a lot of cash. 2-bit hates snitches of any kind, so he decides to freelance and link with Tommy to tell him Dre’s plan, Ghost’s involvement with the attempted hit on Mitic, and Kanan’s message to speak with Tommy if anything happens to the fireproof superthug. The team gets a win when they corner Dre in a warehouse during a shootout and the Feds “save” Dre by coercing him to sign the agreement against the Jimenez. Dre signs, Tommy gets sole control over the drug game in NYC and one loose end gets tied for now. During the motion to quash Silver’s testimony because of Dre’s confession, Silver shows up missing. Ghost strikes again.

Tommy’s distrust in Ghost gets fueled further when Saxe reveals Ghost and Angela leaked the information about Teresi’s snitching that got him killed, and the recording where Teresi says Tommy has nothing to do with the murders and snitched on Ghost. Tommy’s in a place where loyalty trumps love and blood. Keisha almost learned the hard way what riding against Tommy looks like. Ghost would soon find out the same.

Power, Season 5, Episode 10 When This Is Over

Source: Starz / power


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