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Law Enforcement Officials Investigate Brooklyn Home Of Suspected Terrorist

Source: Stephanie Keith / Getty

Once again, a white woman calling the police on a Black person for doing nothing has popped up back in the news and the claim was one of the wildest yet. A woman identified as Theresa Klein was at a corner store bodega standing in line when she claimed a 9-year-old boy sexually assaulted her but surveillance video of the alleged incident revealed otherwise.

Pix 11 reports:

It all happened Wednesday at the Sahara Deli Market on Albemarle Road in Flatbush.

The woman identified as Teresa Klein was being rung up at the front counter when the child walked by.

According to Klein, the boy “grabbed my ass,” prompting her to call 911.

Video of the exchange outside the deli when Klein confronted the child and his mother was later posted on Facebook.

As the woman proceeds to yell at the family, the children weep and attract a crowd of bystanders shocked at what they are seeing.

Jason LittleJohn took the video and posted it online.

“How could he be sexually assaulted by a nine-year-old child who is walking by,” he told PIX11. “He was so traumatized by the situation he started crying, his sister started crying.”

Klein has since apologized for making the dangerous and false allegation. But she piled on the b.s. by saying she too was also a police officer, which ended up not being true. It also appears that Klein simply threatened to call the police but didn’t actually do so according to a report from News 12 Brooklyn.

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