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Download Lil Kim’s Black Friday mixtape for $9.99

Lil Kim released her highly anticipated Black Friday mixtape Monday to an army of Queen Bee fans ready to join in on her disdain for Nicki Minaj.

Unfortunately for some people short on cash, downloading Black Friday might not be an option considering that it costs $9.99.

Instead of following the usual mixtape route where artists release the product for free, Kim is asking fans to use a Paypal link to buy it for the relatively low price of $10.

While there’s no word on how many people actually downloaded the tape, a trending topic appeared on Twitter quickly after its release, #NickiStillWins.

Kimmy Blanco tweeted about her release yesterday saying,

“Thank you to all my fans, haters, and supporters.=) !!! I <3 y’all so much. Sorry for the delay but #WHODAFawkWANTWAR?!”

The cover features a decapitated Nicki Minaj with her pink wig covered in blood while Lil Kim sits with a samurai sword.

To buy Black Friday click here.