Nicki has so far remained silent on the possibility of doing a Verzuz against the pint-sized Brooklyn rapper, but y'all know she will address the issue sooner or later.

Lil Kim has a released a Nicki Minaj diss track…again. This time however, Kimmy Blanco calls out more than just Minaj, she also throws shots at Baby and Lil Wayne. “This Lil Kim clone/oooh I can’t do it/see her on the awards/oooh she look stupid[…] Me and Wayne got on the same jeans/oooh something wrong…” […]

Lil Kim/ Nicki Minaj Beef Continues It seems that Lil Kim’s fans are showing no let up in sight as they further their claims of Nicki Minaj’s swagger jacking. Here’s the latest “documentary exposé about crazed fans with record deals” brought by Fendi (Nicki Minaj’s ex-manager). Kim  does have a point though.  See for yourself […]

Lil Kim has finally released her long anticipated “Black Friday” video taking less than subliminal shots at Nicki Minaj. The opening scene shows a pink wig covered in blood that Kim steps on with her stilettos. Check out Kim going at Nicki (once again) below.