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Lil Kim will become the latest in Hip-Hop to sit down with Sway Calloway when she appears on an episode of MTV’s ‘Rap Fix Live ‘this week.

On Thursday Kim will discuss her Black Friday mixtape, answer viewer’s questions and discuss her new anti-Nicki Minaj documentary ‘Carbon Copy.’

As previously reported, ‘Carbon Coby’ is a 12 minute film executive produced by Nicki’s ex-manager Fendi,

The documentary begins with clips from interviews where Lil’ Kim discusses how Minaj failed to pay homage in the beginning of her career and from there, a montage shows side-by-side pictures of the two rapstresses wearing similar attire, striking the same poses and rocking similar wigs.

The film has already been re-released on Youtube and will be released on iTunes for free download on March 2, 2011.

In addition to the doc, Kim will discuss her Black Friday mixtape, which she claims made her the highest-selling Paypal user ever after moving over $100,000 copies for $10 a piece.

Black Friday was available for pre-order February 14 but orders won’t be shipped till March 4.

For those still waiting to hear the latest from the Queen Bee, Kim has released a snippet of a new Nicki Minaj diss titled “Ether.”

Using the classic beat from Nas’ Jay-Z diss by the same name, Kim rips into Minaj saying

“Y’all been patiently waiting, it’s time to finish all these fake imitiations/It hurts to have to kill something that you created/ now you can go to hell and impersonate Satan.”

Check out the snippet of “Ether” below.


Catch Lil Kim on ‘Rap Fix Live’ Thursday March 3 at 4 p,m. EST at