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T.I. has been vocally critical of President Donald Trump in times past, and he’s continuing that stance after a recent interview. In an upcoming appearance on Raq Rants, Tip essentially calls the former business mogul a “madman.”

As reported by TMZ, T.I. sat down with Raq Rants host Raquel Harper for a wide-ranging chat. Highlighted in trailers for the interview is the rapper, actor and activist slamming Trump for his stances and policies that paint America in a bad light globally in his opinion.

“How could you put the most prestigious office to be held in the free world, how could you let that fall into the hands of a madman?” T.I. asks in response to Harper saying she’s “disgusted” by Trump’s occupancy of the White House at the moment.

T.I. goes on to discuss race and white privilege, extending that connection to Trump.

“Privilege, entitlement, hypocrisy,” T.I. said. “The fact that people feel that the color of their skin makes them a better person, and more qualified and more eligible for opportunities.”

Check out the trailer courtesy of TMZ below.

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