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Killer Mike On MTV’s “Made”

Killer Mike also will be igniting MTV’s airwaves today on the new episode of MADE. In the episode, MTV continues the tradition of turning the dreams of young people into realities with a special episode featuring James Padgett, a shy high school student with a passion for science.

Throughout James’ life he has been the recipient of teasing and ridicule from the students at his high school. Due to years of intense bullying, James spent a great deal of his childhood in isolation. To cope with the feelings of anguish James began to write his feelings down and eventually took on a new form ofexpression – rapping.

MADE cameras follow James’ journey as he attempts to pursue what his peers consider an impossible dream. With the help of Grammy Award winning rapper Michael “Killer Mike” Render, James is put through rap boot camp learning the fundamentalsof rap and dedication and also gaining a mentor in this process.

Peep the clips. This ish is funny and can’t wait to see the full episode at 4p.m. EST on MTV.

Killer Mike is definitely getting his Louis Gossett, Jr. on

Now which character provided inspiration… You decide.

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