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Blackface Policemen

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In the days since the identity of the MAGA hat-wearing teens mocking and mugging Native American activist and elder Nathan Phillips was revealed, there has been a lot of tapdancing and goalpost-shifting going on. Video of the Covington Catholic High School students rocking Blackface makeup at a basketball game and yelling at a rival Black player has surfaced, but the students claim it’s just plain old school pride.

Crooks and Liars reports:

Fox and Friends’ Steve Doocy made believe the students from Covington Catholic HS were the real victims during his morning interview with two students since a video went viral and after doing everything he could to exonerate their behavior, Doocy asked about the time the students wore blackface at a basketball game.

Doocy was perplexed as to why reporters would look through prior videos of the school’s events to determine what their past behavior. Doocy wanted to get to the bottom of one incident, a racist one.

“There was a pep rally where one of the members of the school body appeared to have blackface on. People even asked you to explain that,” Doocy said.

“How do you explain that?” he asked.

Sam Schroder replied, “I’d just explain it as showing our school spirit.”

Say, what? Acting like racists shows school spirit? Any adult at their school would know using blackface hasn’t been accepted since Al Jolson’s days and they would understand that too.


The kids went on to explain that the school had several themes of school spirit, which in our view must also include a racially insensitive practice and then allowing the boys to wear said Blackface makeup at a game where, you guessed it, Black players are being yelled at.

The spin that conservative pundits are taking with this matter is outright disgusting. Folks would have more respect for all of this if the kids and their parents owned up to the fact that they might all just be a little racist inside.

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