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Pepsi B96 Chicago Jingle Bash 2018 at Allstate Arena

Source: Adam Bielawski/ / WENN

Remember the days when people had to wait for Super Bowl Sunday before they’d be able to see the commercials that cost companies millions of dollars for air time on the scared sports day? Yeah, the internet kinda ruined that but we ain’t mad. Today we get the official Super Bowl Sunday Pepsi commercial that features your all-time favorite Love & Hip Hop star, Cardi B, Steve Carrell and Lil Jon.

You know you’ve made it to another stratosphere when you’re the biggest name in a commercial that features an Oscar nominated actor and multi-platinum music producer who’s more than a decade in the game. Okuurrrr?

Set in a restaurant the commercial features the three celebrities ensuring a customer that ordering a Pepsi is all kinds of “okay” over getting a Coca-Cola. Will Coke clap back at this commercial? Maybe get Nicki Minaj to do a last minute response? Probably not but hope springs eternal, right?

Check out the comedic commercial below and appreciate Cardi B while she’s still here and rubbing these far-right Trumpians the wrong way. They crazy, b.