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Tekashi 6ix9ine live in Oslo, Norway.

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Fat Joe obviously takes the code of the streets to heart. He made it clear that he has no love for rainbow haired rats.

Joey Crack recently sat down with Angie Martinez for an interview to promote his newest artist Angelica Vila. During the sit down, Tekashi came up as a subject and the “Make It Rain” rapper had some harsh words for the troll turned snitch.

Martinez referred to the fact that Joe once tried to warn the Dummy Boy of what was going to happen to him if he didn’t make better moves. His response was ice cold to say the least. “I thought he was a nice guy, and now he can’t be my friend, he can’t come around me ever again.”

While he recognizes that times have changed and the youth of today does not adhere to the no snitching policy he stands strong on his beliefs. “I believe the youth don’t care. Obviously they don’t care they playing his music in the club and all of that. Me? I can’t. I’d die before you see me take a picture with Tekashi69.”

His response shocked Angie thus he explained his stance further. “Those are rules. He crossed that line. I don’t even understand if I go to the club and they play his song—I’m keeping it a buck. I pray for people who cross that line—when they talk to the police and they snitch, I pray for them.”

He went on to praise Bobby Shmurda for not telling on his team.

You can watch the interview below. The stool pigeon talk starts at the 19:00 minute mark.