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Now that Donald Trump’s personal Attorney General William Barr has basically stated that the Russian plant of a President can do whatever the heck he wants without legal consequence, Trump’s apparent war on American democracy has been emboldened. After taking yet another swipe at Obamacare in the courts and calling the news media the “enemy of the people,” Trump has re-engaged in his racist war on Latinos.

Aside from trying to once again reinstate the illegal family separations practice of immigrants at the southern border, Donald Trump’s administration has now decided that a deal reached by the U.S. and Cuba which allowed for MLB teams to sign Cuban players was “illegal” and null and void from here on.

Splinter News is reporting that the Trump administration is rescinding the agreement because they feel that any money that goes to the Cuban Baseball Federation for the right to sign their players is actually going into the pocket of Cuban government which the U.S. government still has no love for.

The decision to cancel the agreement between the major leagues and the Cuban Baseball Federation comes as the Trump administration resumes a hardline stance against the island nation which had thawed during the later part of the Obama presidency. According to a Treasury Department memo obtained by ESPN, payments made between the MLB and the CBF were illegal because “a payment to the Cuban Baseball Federation is a payment to the Cuban government.” The decision was announced less than a week after the CBF released the first list of 34 players who would have been eligible to join the majors in America.