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Sebastian Telfair's Gun Trial Played Out Like Reality TV

Source: Christian Petersen / Getty

Brooklyn high school basketball standout now former struggle NBA player Sebastian Telfair is getting more recognition for his antics off the court instead of while he was on it. The NY Post reports Telfair’s gun trial is a pure circus with all involved acting ridiculous.

Tuesday (Apr.16) Telfair’s weapons possession trial turned into an episode of one your favorite trashy reality tv shows according to the Post‘s report. Things went left when the former Portland Trailblazer’s mistress and estranged wife testified against him plus a female friend of Telfair who was seated in the gallery also contributed to the circus.

Per the NY Post:

“Mistress Caterina Scotto was in the middle of explaining how her relationship with the married hoopster ran hot and cold, but stopped her testimony to complain that a woman in the gallery was intimidating her.

“There’s this lady that keeps mouthing things to me,” Scotto said to Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice John Hecht. “And it’s making me really uncomfortable.”

That woman, Patricia Ciccone, was called into the hallway for questioning, where she said she was just Telfair’s friend. Hecht allowed her to stay in the courtroom but warned her to not communicate with the witnesses.

Earlier in the day, as estranged wife Samantha Telfair identified some of the guns found in her hubby’s pick-up, the hoopster repeatedly yawned loudly at the defense table and twisted around to meet eyes with Ciccone.

The ex-athlete was so distracting that Hecht even put his behavior on the record.

“The defendant is turning to the audience and making facial expressions the jury can see,” the judge said, before telling Telfair to stop.

Sebastian Telfair settled down after the warning, but Ciccone could be heard from across the courtroom chuckling as Samantha Telfair testified that she had seen her husband’s with multiple weapons, including a gas-operated submachine gun prosecutors say he had on him when he was arrested.”

Scotto also admitted during her testimony that she saw Telfair with a firearm on numerous occasions and chuckled when she revealed he called the guns “biscuits.” She also admitted to taking Telfair’s framed jerseys from the former NBA player’s storage unit she rented. When asked by his defense attorney if she sold any of the memorabilia she replied “Why?” the 26-year-old said. “It’s not worth anything.”


The struggle is indeed real. Telfair’s case stems from him being busted in Brooklyn in June 2017 while carrying three loaded pistols, ammunition, extended magazines, and a ballistic vest while riding around in his Ford F-150 pickup truck.

Photo: Christian Petersen / Getty