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Over the weekend, Travis Scott hit Instagram to show his girl some much-needed affection.

In case you hadn’t heard, not too long ago, rumor was Kylie Jenner and her rockstar baby father hit a rough patch in their relationship. But recently, things seem to be all good, as Scott hit social media to gush about his girl the Game of Thrones way.

“House of Flame, Son of lord Jacques B Webster the 1st, Husband of the Goddess K🦋, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms, Blatt,” he wrote, posing in a medieval look only he could pull off.

Feeling the role play, Kylie commented under his series of photos “Oh lord Webster !!” and “Protect my realm.” We’re pretty sure we know what that means —start preparing for baby numero dos, as you check out Ser Scott’s GoT gear up top.

Photo: Getty