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Source: 2015 BET Hip Hip Awards at the Atlanta Civic Center – Arrivals Featuring: Soulja Boy Where: Atlanta, Georgia, United States When: 09 Oct 2015 Credit: Uploaded 

Not too long ago Soulja Boy found himself the victim of a home robbery while he was locked up for violating his parole. While the thieves were dumb enough to actually stream the robbery on Soulja’s own phone (no password lock?), what’s crazier is that it was apparently an inside job.

According to TMZ Soulja Boy’s team have been going over the surveillance videos and noticed that the burglars seemed to know how to get into the house and went straight for the safe as if they already knew where it was (the safe ain’t had a lock either?).

We’re told on the day of the crime, Soulja’s team left the house for 3 hours, and the burglars broke in about half an hour before they returned. We’re told surveillance video shows the thieves were lightning fast, taking only 5 minutes to get in, hit the safe and make a clean getaway. 

Aside from the iPhone they used to Instagram Live the jux, the burglars also made off with $500,000 in jewelry and $100,000 in cash. Not bad for 5 minutes worth of work.

Since the robbery Soulja has upped his home security and fixed the door the thieves broke through.

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