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Source: Rachel Roy and Damon Dash Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York Spring 2008 – Rachel Roy Presentation at Damon Dash Enterprises Featuring: Rachel Roy and Damon Dash Where: New York City, United States When: 05 Sep 2007 Credit: Flashpoint / WENN

Hell hath no fury like ex-wives and baby mamas scorned. A pair of Damon Dash’s exes have united to see Lee Daniels for the child support money they claim the Roc-a-fella Records founders owes them.

You probably recall Dame Dash pressing Daniels for money he was owed, with the Empire creator eventually paying a settlement the former was happy about.

However, Dame’s exes—Rachel Roy and Cindy Morales—want to see that money because they’re claiming the father of their kids owes them child support.

According to TMZ, Rachel Ray claims Dash owes her a healthy $826,166.88 for their two daughters, while Morales claims she is due $244,721.43.

In their lawsuit, the women claim Dash has only paid less than $5 in child support for all of 2019. They made sure to point out that Dash reached the settlement with Daniels in 2018.

For his part, Daniels sued Dame and his baby mothers earlier this year. It seems he was trying to figure out exactly who that money was supposed to be going to.

The struggle is real. And the lawyers are all getting paid.