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For the last eight years, numerous civil complaints regarding unethical, racially charged practices in the private and business worlds have fallen on death ears. Once delegated to only those whom were deemed “real Americans,” the Justice Department of the United States often overlooked or outright ignored the plight and wrongdoings that befell minority citizens in situations that had them pursuing natural rights such as voting or purchasing homes, but that will happen no longer.

Under the Obama administration, Attorney General Eric Holder is working to make such unfair practices a thing of the past, pledging to modernize a system that was severely flawed under a careless Bush administration.

A recently released report revealed the inner workings of the federal department that oversees civil rights issues while also pursuing discrimination claims in places of work as well as voting and housing rights cases. It revealed that past working in the department were highly politicized and often lead to inaction being the chosen method of choice for most complaints, due in large part to ideological differences that marked many civil rights violation claims as unworthy for intervention.

In response, Attorney General Holder has totally committed himself to returning the department to its glorious days of old. In helping to complete that task, the Obama administration is pumping cash into the department in order to bolster staff ranks for the civil rights division, a feat Holder claims will take years.