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Apple Announces An Updated iPod Touch With New Features

Source: Apple / iPod Touch

Nope, this isn’t “fake news,” Apple is definitely bringing back the iPod Touch but with some new upgrades. The company that Jobs built announced it will be updating the device which hasn’t seen any improvements since 2015.

The new iPod Touch still looks like its predecessor with a 4-inch display, a home button and comes in multiple colors but will be sporting a new A10 Fusion system-on-a-chip under the hood. The updated iPod Touch runs on iOS 12 like the latest iPhone models and will allow owners to launch ARkit apps and even start group FaceTime conversations.

Unlike the latest generation of iPhones, the new iPod Touch does not feature Touch ID or Face ID so to unlock the device you will need a passcode. Also, it will feature a headphone jack, something we wished Apple would put back on its iPhones again. This latest move by Apple comes as a surprise, but we can definitely see the potential for Apple to pull in coins.

The updated iPod Touch is cheaper than Apple’s latest handsets, $199 will get you a 32GB, $299 128GB device and if you got some extra money laying around for $399 you can purchase a touch with 256GB of storage. It’s gonna take you a while to fill that bad boy up.

Now if you’re wondering who would be in the market for an iPod Touch, there are plenty of potential customers.  This device would be perfect for the person who would rather have their music on a separate device, making more room for your photos on your phone. We can also see kids jumping to get the new iPod Touch because of it coming in six new colors space gray, white, gold, blue, pink and (PRODUCT)RED. Also, it works well with wireless speakers and does allow access to streaming platforms such as Apple Music which will help alleviate the strain on your iPhone battery and help you conserve juice. The new iPod Touch is available now via, the Apple app, or the company’s flagship locations.

This news comes on the heels of Apple “confirming”three new iPhone models. Do you see yourselves buying a new iPod Touch? Or do you feel this is just another money grab by the company? Let us know in the comment section below.

Photo: Apple / iPod Touch