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2019 NBA Finals - Game Two

Source: Gregory Shamus / Getty

While Donald Trump continues to slowly turn the United States into an autocracy while alienating our allies and sucking up to America’s enemies, Barack Obama’s been out here living his best life. Last night, the last legitimate POTUS took in game 2 of the NBA Finals much to the delight of the Canadian crowd.

Walking into the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto accompanied by secret service agents and commissioner Adam Silver, cameras caught the last real American President as he ran into the King of the North, Drake, and dapped him up like only he could.

But that’s not all.

When the crowd realized that they were in the presence of Presidential excellence, they exploded into raucous applause and gave Obama a standing ovation with chants of MVP sprinkled into the whistling and clapping.

Known for his affinity for basketball, 44 also took to the time to praise some well-known sports reporters for the commendable job they do covering all things sports.

If only Barack Obama could run for the Oval Office one more time all would be well with the world. But he can’t and it’s not because we have an orange dictator emboldening racists, fascists and conspiracy theorists.

What a time to be alive.