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Quavo on Sneaker Shopping with Complex

Source: Complex / Complex

The life of a successful rapper comes with all kinds of perks and benefits including fame, groupies, and business opportunities, but for sneakerheads all that means nothing if a rapper’s sneaker budget isn’t up to par. Yeah, we simple like that.

In the latest episode of Sneaker Shopping With Complex, the Migos’ Quavo makes us all proud when he links up with Joe La Puma to hit up Atlanta’s A Ma Maniere where they talk kicks before he drops a King Kong sized grip on some official pieces of footwear. Reminiscing about how long lines were outside of the sneaker spot for the latest Jordan that he couldn’t get because his mama “wasn’t having that. She wasn’t having me being outside by myself waiting for no shoe,” Q now enjoys the privilege of being able to copp whatever pair of shoes he wants whenever he wants them.

After is was all said and done Quavo went on to drop $11K on some Yeezy 700’s, Bapes, Adidas, Nikes, and Just Don apparel amongst other pieces. Best believe hypebeasts will notice that the “L A M B T A L K” rapper didn’t cop not a single pair of Jordans. Lord, how the game done changed.

Check out Quavo talk kicks and pick some up in the video below and let us know what you think about his taste in attire.