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Struggle rappers, when are y’all going to learn? A would-be rapper yearning to be discovered almost caught a fade at the hands of 50 Cent.

In a clip making the social rounds, Fif appears ready to square up on a dude who had approached him on the street.

“You gon’ hit me cause I’m telling you I got talent,” says the man. “That’s how you feel?”

From listening to the interaction, it appears the man is an aspiring artist who was hoping to get 50 to listen to his music. However, he doesn’t actually have any music on him to share, but wanted 50 to look at his Instagram page (“Look at my IG at least”).

When 50 clearly declines, the man says “That’s some f*ck sh*t my n*gga.” This revelation earned him chastisement from the multi-platinum selling rapper.

“You’re sh*t is not going to work, you wanna know why,” said 50, who also peeped he was being videotaped. “Because you’re stupid. “The way you’re approaching me is wrong. There is nothing to play right now. There’s nothing you can show me right now that’s going to help you.”

To this, dude responded with his “look at my IG” crutch, and, yeah.

Added 50, “Look at my IG is going to help you right now?”

Tangent, that woman seen with 50 Cent appears to be out and about with Nikki Nicole. You may remember her as Black Ink Crew: Chicago cast member Phor’s old girlfriend, who give him the deuces after he got caught cheating on her.

Anyway, peep a struggle rapper almost catch a proper fade below, and share this with a would-be MC as exactly what not to do. It seems like homie was either going to get noticed, or get punched in the mouth and try to sue. Now, he’s getting chastised by the Internets.

What a time.