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Danny Green has got to move better. The two-time NBA champion recently detailed how he was pilfered of his possessions while he was in Vancouver.

While appearing on Harrison Sanford’s the Green Room podcast, Green detailed what went down. He was in Vancouver for a basketball camp when he checked into a suspect Airbnb pad that he described as looking “haunted.”

This is where we point out that Green makes millions of dollars so we’re guessing he could have afforded a proper hotel. But anyway…

While Green and his homie went in to check out the rental, which they said look shabbier than the photos, they left two bags in the car. When they came back downstairs, the bags were gone.

“We were there 10 minutes … we go back outside, and pretty much—not robbed of everything—but two book bags gone,” said Green. “We lost electronics, computers, laptops, some camp registry money, stuff like that.”

Danny Green’s knowledge about hoods explains why he was a mark.

He added, “We didn’t know there was like a ghetto or hood in Vancouver.”

There are hood everywhere Mr. Green. And anyone can get got. Anyone.

Now you know.