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French Montana will have to look into a much calmer pet experience, this after a man claims he was bitten by a dog on the rapper’s premises. The Coke Boy’s german shepherd allegedly attacked a bit a man installing security equipment in French’s home and is suing for damages.

The Blast reports:

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Daniel Banuelos claims he was installing a security-camera system at French’s Calabasas home on August 22, 2017 when the incident went down.

Banuelos claims that while doing his job, French’s dog, Zane, “violently attacked and viciously” bit him.

The lawsuit states that the dog was “vicious” and that French was well aware of the dog’s nature.

He says the dog was kept for the purposes of “guarding the premise,” and that French “encouraged the dog’s aggressive and vicious nature in order to make the dog a greater risk and threat to intruders.”

Knowing that his dog was allegedly violent, Banuelos says French failed to “leash, tether, chain, muzzle” or take any other safety measures to ensure the dog didn’t attack anyone.

The outlet adds that French’s pooch has landed him in hot water previously after a man sued last year after allegedly being bitten three months after the previously mentioned attack.

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