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Dennis Rodman on The Breakfast Club

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For those who didn’t grow up watching the NBA in the 80’s and 90’s, Dennis Rodman had the most controversial career (by far) of any NBA star in the history of the game. Whether he was on the court as a part of the “Bad Boy Pistons” or off the court signing autographs in a wedding dress, “The Worm” sure knew how to get the world to pay attention with him without the use of social media.

Recently ESPN dropped a new 30 For 30 centered around the polarizing Hall of Famer and though he hasn’t watched it because “it brings back too much hurt memories,” Rodman remembers his hey day all too well.

Today the 5-time NBA Champion stopped by The Breakfast Club to get into the history of a man who went from being homeless to a global celebrity. From revealing that Madonna offered him $20 million for his seed to why he got into wearing dresses and wigs, Dennis Rodman answers all the questions we’ve had for decades.

Here are the 9 things we learned from Dennis Rodman on The Breakfast Club.


Dennis Says he didn’t become a “bad boy” until the Pistons team began to crumble in the mid 90’s when they lost to the Chicago Bulls. Before that he considered himself the most “mild-mannered guy” on the team. But he says once Chuck Daly left the team, “I was done” and the rebel known as Dennis Rodman was born.

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