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Slim Thug - Boss Life Ball 2019

Source: Kevin Rawls / Grundy Wiley / Radio One Houston

Hotep theory activated.

In the latest installment of “no one asked you,” Houston rapper Slim Thug has decided to revive the antiquated ideal that if a man cheats, it is some how the woman’s fault. During a video post on his Instagram page, Thugga claims that men only cheat because women leave them no choice, before blaming social media for giving women access to flirt with taken men.

“I just wanna remind the fellas out there that it is not our fault that we end up players, that we end up cheating,” Slim Thug said. “When stuff like that happens, we are not even the worst no more. Women cheat more than males cheat. Women cheat all of the time. Women flirt on Instagram, on social media, Facebook, whatever, at work, whatever it may be.”

As if that wasn’t cringeworthy enough, Slim Thug goes on to blame women and our style of dress for soliciting unwanted advances claiming that by dressing revealing we are asking to get attention.

”Not only that, look what they wear! They wear all this, you be having boyfriends but be wearing sh*t that show way too much. You got your a** out, you got your titties out, you got everything out. And you expect a dude who is heterosexual to look at you and not like you, not try to f*ck you, not try to whatever. It’s all y’all fault. Y’all run around this muthf*cka wreckless, so a dude ain’t got no choice but to f*ck up.”

Despite criticism for his posts, SlimThug insists men are the victims of temptation and conditioning, blaming today’s music for “softening up” men and abandoning the archaic mantra of the 90s.

“Back in my day music was telling us b*tches ain’t sh*t and snitches get stitches and to kill snitches; but now ya’ll singing to them and acting all soft and now look they have took the game and ran with it.”

Check out the foolery below.