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NBA: OCT 22 Lakers at Clippers

Source: Icon Sportswire / Getty

Kawhi Leonard is looking to secure the bag off his unlikely viral success. The quiet Clippers superstar is looking to legally lock down two phrases that have become synonymous with him on the internet.

Josh Gerben, a trademark lawyer from Washington, D.C., revealed in a Tweet that the fun guy is making a serious attempt to trademark “What it do baby,” and “City views over interviews.”

According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Leonard filed the trademarks on Oct.23. For those who need a refresher, ‘What it do baby” went viral after Serge Ibaka shared a video of the often-reserved superstar saying it while on their way to the Raptors championship parade.

As for the second phrase, “City views over interviews,” it’s unclear where it originated from. But one can assume it alludes to Leonard’s disdain for doing post-game interviews and press conferences and his love for the city of Los Angeles. That was all on full display in Leonard’s new New Balance ad that points to him becoming the king of the new epicenter of basketball in the NBA.

Leonard is the latest NBA baller to file for a trademark. LeBron James tried to do the same with “Taco Tuesday” but was rejected swiftly. We’re not sure how sure of a bet Leonard’s move is, but we do wonder how Paul Wall feels about this move?

Photo: Icon Sportswire / Getty