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East Coast Disney+ Users Experience Bevy of Issues During Launch

Source: ROBYN BECK / Getty

The house of the mouse flipped on the switch for its highly-anticipated streaming service, Disney+ at the stroke of midnight Pacific Time. Unfortunately, the rollout wasn’t as smooth as the company would have liked.

As expected, excited Disney+ users experienced glitches trying to watch their favorite 90’s cartoon plus titles from Star Wars, Marvel Studios, and Disney. A spokeswoman from the company addressed the issues stating:

“The consumer demand for Disney+ has exceeded our high expectations. We are pleased by this incredible response and are working to quickly resolve the current user issue. We appreciate your patience.”

According to Down Detector, a website that reports on outages from other sites, there were over “7,000 problems with the service 35% reporting log-in problems and 64% of people struggling with streaming.” The East Coast of the US was ground zero of most of the issues between the hours of 7AM and 8AM  Deadline reports.

That didn’t stop social media from kicking the service while it was down “literally” starting the hashtag #DisneyPlusFail

Despite the early issues and the jokes, the service is now up and running smoothly, with everyone getting their fill of the television and movie properties that Disney owns. We won’t hold you, but we about to indulge in that new original Star Wars series, The Mandalorian.

Photo: ROBYN BECK / Getty