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Throughout his “presidency,” Donald Trump has become notorious for taking credit of President Barack Obama’s accomplishments and passing them off as his own (and if you don’t know, now you know!). B ut for his latest “achievement” the “stable genius” is taking credit for the work of an actual genius, Tim Cook.

While congress’s impeachment hearings continue to paint the picture of a lawless narcissistic sociopath using American tax dollars to rig the 2020 Presidential election, said narcissist took to Twitter yesterday to stunt like he’s actually helping Americans by falsely stating that he (and he alone apparently) opened up an “Apple manufacturing plant in Texas that will bring high paying jobs back to America.”

There’s only one (or a few) problems with that statement according to The Verge.

First of all, the plant opened up in 2013 under our last real American President Barack Obama, and second, the plant Trump toured to showcase how great America is doing under him actually belongs to a contractor named Flex Ltd as Apple doesn’t do it’s own manufacturing.

Again, the “stable genius” lies to his followers who praise him for his imaginary feats of greatness. Just peep the responses to his announcement on Twitter. It’s filled with cheers and thank yours from the deaf, dumb and blind.

Still, who from his cult will challenge the flavor of Kool-Aid he’s serving up for them?

Knowing his followers will down whatever he presents on a plate, during the tour Trump stated that because the plant is in America, Apple wouldn’t have to pay any tariffs that are a part of his ridiculous tariff war that China is winning. Again, there’s a problem with that logic as well.

In fact, Apple is currently paying tariffs on a number of Mac Pro parts, which must be imported from China to Texas before the final device can be assembled. (Ten of Apple’s requested tariff exemptions were issued earlier this year, but five others were denied, including taxes on the cooling system, charging cable, and various circuit boards.) Because Trump’s current array of tariffs are levied on components but not finished devices, Apple actually doesn’t pay tariffs on the iPhones and MacBooks that are assembled in China.

The net effect is a tax on electronics assembled in the US. It’s more expensive to assemble Mac Pros in the US, not just because of labor and production costs, but explicitly because of the tariffs Trump has placed on intermediary goods. Apple even briefly flirted with moving Mac Pro production back to China, as a way of driving home the cost of those tariffs, although the company ultimately backed down.

At this pace Donald Trump will begin taking credit for any technological marvel of the 21st century. Has anyone claimed the fidget spinner yet?