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Antonio Brown says hes done with the NFL again

Source: Miami Herald / Getty

Antonio Brown’s 2019 season quickly went from extremely fruitful to downright struggle (all self-inflicted by the way) and after being waved by two teams and losing millions of dollars in the process, Brown found himself being accused of rape by his former trainer, Britney Taylor.

Now that no one in the NFL is willing to touch the man with a field goal post, Brown is attempting to clear his name by countersuing his accuser claiming that “did not rape Taylor nor did he exert physical force upon Taylor.” According to TMZ the embattled star wide receiver has filed a countersuit against Taylor in which he graphically details their “consensual” sexual relationship and that now infamous “Back Incident.”

Taylor had claimed in her lawsuit that Brown creeped up from behind her while she was watching a church video in 2017 and ejaculated on her back without consent.

In the docs, Brown “admits that he has ejaculated on [Taylor] with her consent in his home in Hollywood, Florida.”

Brown denies the rest of her version of the incident.

As for their actual relationship, Brown states that though they had a “consensual sexual relationship for years,” he only had vaginal intercourse with her 1 time in 2018, days before she got engaged to her current husband.


Still, Brown isn’t backing down from his stance saying he has video evidence of their “romantic” relationship complete with “sexually suggestive positions and situations.”

AB suggests that the reason Taylor decided to accuse him of rap is because of “a failed business endeavor and also failing to gain the relationship status she desired with Brown.”

According to the report Brown turned down a $1.6 million dollar investment in a gymnastics “business project” in 2017. But it wasn’t until Brown signed with the Patriots for $15 million earlier this year that Taylor hit him with the current lawsuit.

Taylor’s attorney David Haas has issued a new statement in response to Brown’s countersuit, saying, “Antonio Brown countersued the woman he raped and blamed her for the self-destructive conduct that led to the demise of his NFL career.”