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Back in the day 50 Cent basically became Hip-Hop’s Superman after surviving 9 shots to his physical while in his hometown of Queens, but luckily for him none of them were shells to the dome (“dome” means “head” for non-ebonic speaking readers).

Dallas rapper Mo3 on the other hand wasn’t as fortunate as Fiddy and this past Tuesday night (Dec. 10) apparently found himself with a gunshot wound to the head. But instead of making a beeline to the hospital emergency room the Big D representative took to IG live to let his fans know he just got clapped up and that some “h*e a$$ ni**a just pulled through here. I’m good! Ni**a just shot me in the head and grazed my back. Man, i’m good!”

All the while you head one of his peoples screaming for him to get help.

While many speculate it was just a publicity stunt due to him then dropping a quick clip for his next joint rocking the same bloodied up shirt, these days you never know what rappers are capable of if put in certain situations. For all we know he shot this promotional clip while waiting for the ambulance.

Whether or not he actually got shot or it was all staged remains to be seen but what’s becoming obvious is that “living” and “dying” for social media is getting outta control at this point. Getting attention for “Likes” or “Hearts” or just to create a buzz isn’t worth alllll that. Just sayin.’