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What has Antonio Brown been up to during his exile from the NFL? Besides working out with the New Orleans Saints, it turns out the star receiver was also cooking up a video for a song of his called “Whole Lotta Money.”

Clocking in at a mere two minutes, the visual features a whole lotta ass with plenty of thonged women throughout the black and white clip. Also, it’s Antonio Brown, so of course plenty of white girls got shine in the clip. We’re assuming there are women of color in the video, but we’re not trying to spend too much time watching this struggle in order to discern.

It also features a whole lotta struggle bars as he is clearly not as elite at rapping as he is running routes.

The song’s hook kind of sums up the uniqueness of this “bop.”

“Whole lotta money, whole lotta money. I gotta whole lotta money, whole lotta money. I gotta whole lotta money, whole lotta money. I gotta whole lotta money, you can’t hold nothin’ from me,” croons Brown, who goes by the moniker “AB” when rapping, on the chorus.

We got so many questions. Life if y’all are all in the same crib, why the ski masks? Where is all this cash coming from, and who is collecting it?

We predict a Future feature on deck purely off the strength of AB’s bankroll. And that clearly may be dwindling sooner than later considering how much of a bag he fumbled. Reportedly, Brown is out $40M, mostly due to his own headass behavior. But it hasn’t stopped him from filing grievances against the Oakland Raiders and the New England Patriots.

Check out the video for “Whole Lotta Money” below.