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The saga that is R. Kelly continues. Azriel Clary, one of the locked-up singer’s girlfriends who at least used to live with him—reportedly is ready to flip on the Pied Piper of R&Pee.

Reportedly, Clary is interested in talking to the Feds, which is even worse news for R. Kelly since they already have him dead to rights at least in Chicago and Brooklyn.

According to TMZ, sources say Clary finally came to the epiphany that R. Kelly had been using her and playing mind games, allegedly, once she moved out of her Chicago condo and reconnected with her family.

Early this week, Clary got into a scrap with Joycelyn Savage, R. Kelly’s other girlfriend who she had been cohabitating with for years. During their epic argument, Clary threatened to go to the authorities and accuse Savage of sleeping with a minor since she was underage at the time her, her co-girlfriend and R. Kelly had a threesome with each other.

Reportedly, Clary is down to cooperate but is in fear because she knows she’s already lied to the Feds repeatedly. Can you say, immunity deal? The only potential issue, which is all speculative, is that the Feds don’t need her testimony due to all the evidence they have already gathered.

But hey, more intel for the pile on certainly can’t hurt, right? Clary is also worried because she signed an NDA with singer. However, another of R. Kelly’s other “victims” have already broken their NDA’s for the sake of getting their truth out.

Law enforcement is reviewing the incident. Things are surely about to get more interesting.