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Bond Hearing Held In Chicago For R. Kelly's Federal Criminal Cases

Source: Nuccio DiNuzzo / Getty

The struggle that is the saga of R&B crooner and alleged sexual predator R. Kelly continues to seek and find no bottom. This time the subjects are his two girlfriends—or victims, depending on your perspective—who had been living in the Pied Piper of R&Pee’s Chicago condo.

Today (Jan. 8), Azriel Clary was on Instagram Live telling her followers she was moving out to get her life together. Then Jocelyn Savage came in as Clary was packing her thing. The two got to arguing, reading each other for filth and fisticuffs were thrown for the world to see since the IG Live session was still going. Well, we didn’t see the fade because the phone got dropped.

Things got real spicy when Azriel claimed she was a minor when she engaged in a threesome with Jocelyn and R. Kelly and threatened to report her struggle sister wife to the cops.

But but wait it gets worse.

TMZ reports that Chicago PD was called (there were others in the room with Azriel and Jocelyn (who is still Team R. Kelly) so someone must have called the authorities). Reportedly, Azriel was taken to a local hospital for evaluation. Right on cue, R. Kelly’s lawyer promptly denied her allegations of underage sex because, well that’s what he’s paid for.

Post-fight, she Azriel said R. Kelly had been having her lie for him the whole time (well, duh), and that they never even watched the Lifetime documentary. They might as well start putting Surviving R. Kelly Part 3 right now.

Oh yeah, not that it matters, but it’s R. Kelly’s birthday today. Peep clips of the incident in the gallery, and be sure to peep the Internet reactions which are the gold standard for slander.

We do sincerely hope both of these women get some counseling, though.