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Whether you think she is purely a victim or somehow complicit, there is no doubt that Azriel Clary needs help. Reportedly, R. Kelly’s “girlfriend” will be seeking counseling after her split from the accused sexual predator.

Sources tell TMZ that Clary feels “brainwashed, manipulated and mistreated” by the Pied Piper of R&you know what. Reportedly, Clary and he parents have been looking for counselors to begin treating her mental health after years of living with the singer.

“No one ever wakes up and says ‘today I’m going to be manipulated, or taken advantage of, or kidnapped’.. those are things you just cannot control,” said Clary on Friday (Jan. 10) on Twitter. “I never thought me and victim would ever be in the same sentence because I was too in denial.. but once you realize, your realize.”

Last week, Clary got into a fight with Joycelyn Savage, her former co-girlfriend, as she was moving out of R. Kelly’s Chicago convo. Word is she is even down to drop dime on R. Kelly, but is only tentative because she fears of repercussions since she’s already lied to the Feds, though allegedly on the singer’s behalf, and signed an NDA.

Nevertheless, there are those who think Clary may not be sincere.

“To everyone saying I’m a “clout chaser”🤦🏾‍♀️ please KNOW I would’ve made it with or without Robert,” she tweeted on Saturday (Jan. 11). “I had drive, ambitions and goals before Robert and I have them after. He was NOT the first celebrity I had met, he was just the FIRST to take advantage of me. I’m just smarter now💯😴”

Besides getting her mental right, Clary is also trying to get her recording career together. As for R. Kelly, he’s still in jail awaiting trial.