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Lil Wayne Says He Has No Idea Why Pusha T Is Beefing With Him

Source: Jeff Schear / Getty

Lil Wayne’s recent appearance on the podcast Drink Champs gave us a rare glimpse into the world of the rapper who honestly lives in his own world. N.O.R.E. touched on a bevy of topics including Wayne’s “beef” with Pusha T. Weezy revealed he has no idea why it was even a thing.

The so-called beef became the topic of discussion after N.O.R.E. brought up the time both he and Wayne were featured on the Clipse’s “Grindin'” remix. Weezy revealed shortly after the track’s release, his relationship with Pusha soured and likened finding out the Clipse member wasn’t feeling him to a player finding out that he’s just been traded.

He further added:

“[Wayne’s friend] was like, ‘What you gonna do? You gonna come back at Pusha?'” Wayne recalled. “I’m like, ‘What you mean? I’d love to do a song with him.’ He like, ‘Nah he dissing you now.'”

Pusha has never addressed why he has an issue with Weezy, but one rumor in particular that became legendary was Wayne’s sudden affection for BAPE around Tha Carter II era. In Hip-Hop circles, it was no secret that The Neptunes and The Clipse at the time loved the streetwear brand and are credited for the most part making BAPE hip among rappers. So that eventually led to fans believing that the song “Mr. Me Too” and accompanying visual featuring a lot of BAPE clothing was some sort of shot at Wayne.

Besides the beef, we also learned that Wayne didn’t know that TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment) and QC (Quality Control) were both music labels. Weezy also admitted that he though 21 Savage was a group consisting of 21 artists, not a single rapper. He literally just lives in Wayne’s World, well at least he has some lovely company with his curvy rumored fiancée, Aussie model La’Tecia Thomas.

Lil Wayne’s latest album Funeral is out right now.

Photo: Jeff Schear / Getty