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White House National Security Advisor Susan Rice Briefs The Media On Obama's Trip To Africa

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It’s been a pretty rough few days for Gayle King to say the least.

After becoming public enemy number one for dredging up Kobe Bryant’s controversial past during an interview with Lisa Leslie, King found herself under attack from the whole culture (not all, but a lot) including the likes of Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, and even Bill Bellamy (yeah, he’s still around!). Heck, even Oprah got caught in the crossfire after trying to provide Gayle King some cover.

But now it seems like Snoop might have a real problem on his hands as the former United States National Security Adviser, Susan Rice (not to be confused with Bush’s Condoleezza) has taken to social media to put Uncle Snoop on notice.

Responding to that now infamous video of Snoop’s rant about King and calling her out her name, Susan Rice let him know she felt his words were “despicable” and if he continued to come for Gayle King, he’d be facing “an army.” Word? Who knew Rice had King’s back like that.

Unless y’all been living under a rock for the past few days, everything started when CBS aired a clip of King’s interview with Lisa Leslie in which she asked her whether Kobe’s 2003 rape accusation complicated his legacy for her. With Kobe’s death still very much fresh in the minds and hearts of his millions of fans, Gayle was bombarded with criticism, hate, and even death threats for her unnecessary question. Heck, even Bill Cosby got his licks in, but that only earned him a few ricochets shots in the end.

Now that Susan Rice is sticking up for King, she too is catching some heat from people asking why she doesn’t come at white men the way she did at Snoop.

We wonder who’ll be the next brave soul to try to come to King’s defense knowing the Twitterverse is ready to pounce.